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What Nobody Tells You About Living and Working Away from Home

Source: Unsplash One of our founders - (Ariadna, say hi!) travelled the world as a consultant. Sounds dreamy, right? Actually, you are in for a different kind of story. Leaving your hometown is almost a rite of passage for adulthood. When we are younger, moving to a different city usually involves college, a job/ internship/ I-want-to-see-how-this-goes opportunity or a love story. Cutting ties with the older version of yourself while building a new life from the ground up is exciting, in theory. Yet the first time you see yourself alone in an airport, it hits you like a ton of bricks.  Living and working away from home is HARD at any age. Super cool, challenging and meaningful in so many...

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Should I Get a Coach?

We asked a couple of trusted career coach to spill the beans Source: Unsplash Life-changing revelations regarding one's career don't come by often. Or naturally. Not like the oh-so-many embarrassing moments of the corporate rigmarole: crying in the bathroom, second doubting your every step and not knowing how or if you should make a change. Not knowing where you belong. And nothing like the feeling of constantly hitting a wall. Feeling numb, unmotivated, and knowing you're not living up to your potential (does anybody else have problems with the "potential" word?!) If you find yourself at a career crossroad, a coach could take you one step closer to those a-ha moments you long for The mission of a career coach:...

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A Fit made in Laptop Heaven

There are two types of people in this world. The ones that get their laptop from work and the ones that spend two million years finding their perfect match. Regardless of where you belong, one thing is for sure: with the global pandemic going on and with increased social distancing measures, your laptop has become the one thing you are most connected with. So, you might as well come clean about it: YOU ALWAYS HAVE YOUR LAPTOP WITH YOU. You know all its features by now, and you can pretty much use it with your eyes closed (including when you get ready for those early Zoom calls). But all this talk about blended working poses a new question: what is...

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How to Pick the Perfect Laptop Bag for You

Ladies, let’s be honest. When it comes to a proper work bag, trends like micro handbags won’t cut it. Us business women need a trusty laptop bag that is functional and chic enough to take us from the boardroom to brunch, from airports to client meetings and from pitches to Pina Coladas without breaking a sweat. Women’s Work Bag Essentials - What to Look for before Buying One thing all women agree on: bags completes us. This being said, let’s lay down the basics: ⇢ A good work bag shouldn’t cost an arm and leg, being more expensive than your monthly income, in the same way that it shouldn’t cost less than your lunch. ⇢ It should not be just...

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Successfully Navigate the First Weeks of Your New Remote Job

Source: Pexels Congratulations on landing a new job! As the world continues to grapple with the reality that the coronavirus pandemic will be here longer than we anticipated, more businesses are embracing the idea of long-term remote work. Basically, the dynamics of employment have changed. You are among the lucky few who have been able to land new jobs in the current tough employment market, albeit remote or blended. You have every reason to celebrate this new milestone. Your new job is first going to feel like a dream come true. You will start enjoying your new no-commute job schedule, you will get to sleep in a little longer, and you will get to understand what it means to have...

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