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Buying in Time of Covid

The Covid crisis is a time for us to reset.

We don’t know about you, but if we had to guess, you used to get from place to place and from one activity to another with breathtaking speed. Working out, grabbing a quick breakfast, hustling at your job till the evening, going out for after-work drinks… Rinse and repeat. Then Covid came and it forced us all to take a step back and adjust to a different reality.

All of a sudden, being unexpectedly stuck at home, many of us started reevaluating what we already had in our closets. And some of the things we had bought for various occasions began looking slightly unnecessary ... or even a little wasteful. That dress we purchased for that housewarming party and wore exactly once. The fringed bag we bought because of the floaty boho-chic trend and thought we’d wear so many times... but stopped, because the strap started fraying after three wears.

These items didn't necessarily stop "sparking joy" — it's just that maybe we didn't actually need *all* of them.

A lot has been written about how being at home has forced people to take a closer look at their possessions and rethink their consumption patterns. From casual decluttering to giving their houses the full Marie Kondo treatment, people are beginning to realize that we really don’t need so much to be happy.

At AMZA, we have also gone through our individual flirtations with fast fashion. And then we realized… we wanted something long-lasting, that would withstand wear and tear and never let us down. There is something beautiful about an object that gains character with time, where the quality of the materials allows it to age gracefully and tell a story instead of merely looking tattered.

When we first started designing and making our bags, it was mid-2019. By the time we finished our initial production run, it was spring 2020 and the world was a different place. We decided to continue anyway — as working women, we knew we would always need our work bags to be ready for whenever business reopens.

And with well-made objects, we don't feel guilty about owning them... even during these Covid times.

Because we know that when the world gradually returns to normal, they are the heroes that will help us walk confidently into the future.

Business women crossing the street carrying a shoulder bag in Notting Hill