The Story of a Name

Ink drawing of AMZA logo

Ink painting credit: Alex Dolan

One question we get asked in equal measures by friends, customers and advisors is "Where did the name AMZA come from?". The curiosity makes sense: naming your business is one of the first decisions you make as a co-founding team, but it's one that will stay with you for as long as your business lives.

It is also an important part of building your brand - almost like "naming your baby" and hoping that the name is the symbol of the many great things your baby (brand) will achieve when they will grow up.

So how did we come up with the name AMZA? Was it an overnight revelation? Or the result many nights of debate? In reality, we were quick to decide on what we want our name to represent and how we roughly want it to sound like: we wanted something feminine, yet powerful. Symmetrical, but not bland. International, but not (yet) popular.

Next, it was the very exciting (not) step of making a list of names that fit the bill. Then taking them one by one, we pronounced them: fast, slowly, in all the languages we knew. We visualized it in our future logo, in our CVs and business cards. Does it sound right? Does it look right? Is it something we would feel proud to build on?

AMZA was the one that simply satisfied all our objective criteria, but also resonated with each of our internal intuitions. The three main reasons why we love AMZA and why it best fits our brand's mission to empower women are:

1. Its SYMMETRY - AMZA starts and finishes with an "A" and has only 4 letters. All letters are composed of straight lines, which reminded us of the well structured design of our first workbag, Evora.

2. The feminine - masculine, powerful - subtle BALANCE that the combination of melodic, clear vowels (the "A"s) have with the strong, profound consonants "M" and "Z"

3. Last but not least, its POWER

AMZA reminded us of the Amazons, the famous tribe of warrior women from the Greek mythology. Inspired from actual warrior women, the Amazons came to symbolize powerful, independent women from all walks of life. I mean, who could say no to that as an inspiration?

Xuan CheFollow the wounded amazon From an original by Phidias. Head: replica of that of the Amazon by Polykleitos  Marble, cm 197. Formerly at Villa d'Este  Capitoline Museum, Rome

Photo source: Flickr

Someone once asked us in an interview: "If you wouldn't name your brand AMZA, how would you name it?". That's when we truly realized "Our brand is AMZA, we would sooner create a new business than find a better fitting name".

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