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5 Practical Ways to Manage Zoom Fatigue

Source: Unsplash Zoom, and technology in general, has made our lives easier and given us the convenience we are all seeking today. Just about everything has become virtual, from business meetings to learning, family time, and even hanging out with your coffee buddies! Ironically, we are now more exhausted than we ever were! We don't even understand how that is possible. The Covid crisis in 2020 has marked the end of an era for how things used to be done, witnessing a double increase in demand for video chat apps. Video calls have now become a necessity, making remote work as well as blended work possible. The physical meetings we got accustomed to in our office boardrooms have now become...

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How to Take Breaks When You Work from Home

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash Need a break? If you are working from home lately, there are high chances you forgot to take a break today. Maybe even yesterday? You took your lunch on your work desk too, right? You may be enjoying your new found zero-commute schedule, but you are also working longer than your body can handle. If you want to be most productive at your work, it is recommended that you spend 30% of your workday on breaks. You read that right. Unless you are looking to deliver substandard work to your boss, the breaks you take while working are as important as the work that you do. Work is an essential part of our lives,...

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How to Dress for Hybrid Working to Improve your Mood and Stay Productive

All that talk about blended work has left us wondering for one more aspect: how should we prepare our wardrobe for such a work-life? Should we stick to our trusted leggings and keep handy the "emergency" blazer? Or should we rethink our wardrobe for this hybrid style of working? While we know a thing or two about laptop bags, we decided to ask the real style experts about this one. Meet Lisa O'Shaughnessy! Lisa has two decades worth of fashion experience. Source: Lisa O'Shaughnessy is the founder of Always Stylish a personal styling company. Lisa is a successful fashion designer and personal stylist. For the past two decades, she has worked in the fashion industry—designing for brands such as...

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Sustainability: Why the Mindful Shopping Mindset is More than a Trend

Source: Unsplash Sustainability in fashion is a bone of contention, to say the least. It’s a designers’ unicorn. A stamp of approval and a popular hashtag. For most brands, sustainability can be everything from a promise to a goal or a merely must-have keyword in an ad. Sustainable fashion basically refers to items that are designed, manufactured, distributed, and used in ways that are environmentally friendly. In translation, it includes brands that are generally committed to doing good. You’ve guessed it, sustainable fashion is the new vegan of clothing and apparel. And yes, the terminology surrounding this is just as confusing as labels in a supermarket are for a dyslexic buyer. Think health-conscious, minimizing toxicity, reducing environmental impact, organic sourcing,...

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How to Make Your Fitness Goals Work for You Beyond January

source: Pexels 2020 hit us all differently. Thankfully, it's finally over. Those of us who made it out lost jobs, loved ones, and even businesses, but we gained lessons. Lessons that we are now ready to turn into resolutions for the new year and transform our lives for the better. Most if not all of us have at least once made resolutions aimed at keeping fit, losing weight, or just keeping healthy. The year 2020 reminded us of the importance of staying in good health to optimize our immunity and starve away diseases. We all know the benefits of exercises by now, but how do we manage to increase our fitness motivation? Life post-Covid has meant working from home or...

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