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2021 Blended Work Essentials for Solution-Driven Women

2020 was something else.   Everything in our lives has a Before and After filter due to the pandemic.   Pijamas replaced office attires. Suits swapped for slippers. Pants died. Some of us added "teacher" to our list of daily to-dos. At the same time, others found the undisputed joy of mid-afternoon naps or Margaritas. Everybody was forced to reimagine the way they work completely Before COVID-19, a good day meant preparation. Mastering the art of anticipating obstacles, detours and needs comes natural to most women. You would lay down your outfit for the next day, check the weather, prepare your pitch or documents, get an umbrella or a change of shoes if you had to run some errands, a power...

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Designing Evora

Curious of what inspired us in creating the Evora bag? If you are a professional woman who takes her laptop and (oh so many) things in her commute to office every day, also travels for work, displaying a timeless, clean business style in her outfits – the short answer would be – YOU. We have created Evora for you and for your fellow professionals in the search of that perfect laptop bag, extremely functional but also with an elegant design to complement a business outfit.  Our design journey started with a question: “What are women searching for in a perfect work bag?”. We posed this question to every professional woman we know (consultants, doctors, lawyers, teachers etc), we dug the...

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Buying in Time of Covid

Photo by James Hollingworth on Unsplash   The Covid crisis is a time for us to reset. We don’t know about you, but if we had to guess, you used to get from place to place and from one activity to another with breathtaking speed. Working out, grabbing a quick breakfast, hustling at your job till the evening, going out for after-work drinks… Rinse and repeat. Then Covid came and it forced us all to take a step back and adjust to a different reality. All of a sudden, being unexpectedly stuck at home, many of us started reevaluating what we already had in our closets. And some of the things we had bought for various occasions began looking slightly unnecessary...

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Female Entrepreneurs

Photo by @cowomen on Unsplash   At AMZA, our mission is to give every business woman the confidence that she has the perfect business travel bag: one that keeps up with her pace, but also compliments her style. We have been developing AMZA throughout the COVID outbreak, believing that these bags' long-term relevance to the lives of business women remain unchanged.  Throughout this period, we have also been continually inspired by women who have had the courage to found — or push forward — their business, despite these challenging times.  Audrey Koh is one such inspiration. Besides being a full-time student at London Business School, she's also the founder of figgy, a start-up that uses the latest technologies and machine learning...

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How to Stay Sane When You Travel For Work

One thing that COVID has temporarily put a halt to is work travel. We should know... we used to travel a lot for work. At first, when we realized that we would be taking a break for at least a few months, we can't deny there were a few quiet sighs of relief. After all, work travel could be such a drag sometimes. Living out of a suitcase, checking into hotels, trying to get oriented in an unfamiliar place, figuring out the best way to get to the client site ... so much effort! (Yes — it seems almost unimaginable right now, but there was indeed a time not so long ago that we looked at work travel with a...

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